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Corto is the bar of our dreams.

Corto: the smallest drink with the biggest tapas payoff.

We are Katie and Tom Mather, two Clitheroe locals who love beer, cider and wine. Katie is a drinks writer and Tom is an enthusiast — and the licensee.

Here we serve drinks we know you’re going to love, whether that’s a bright and blissful glass of natural cider, a sharebottle saison, a gluggable glou-glou* or a perfect pint of bitter.

*Glou-glou: Drinkable, chuggable, totally unpretentious, totally delicious wine.

Our Drinks + Snacks

We think things taste better when you know their stories. If you want to find out about what you’re drinking and why we chose it, ask us. We’d love to tell you more. If you just want to get on with drinking it, don’t let us stand in your way.

We also serve snacks in the grand tradition of all your favourite holiday bars. Cheese, charcuterie, salads, bread, oil, balsamic… Delicious little bits to keep you going. Check our menus for any weekly or daily specials.

Corto is a chilled local independent bar serving craft beer, natural wine and cider and tasty Mediterranean snacks with friendly, knowledgeable customer service.

Meet the Team

The bar is run day-to-day by co-owner Tom, a former engineer and home-brewer with a ton of knowledge about beer and fermented foods. Tom is a big fan of wild and spontaneously fermented beers, and runs sour beer tasting events—keep an eye out on the blog and our events page for those. He also masterminds the snack menu.

Katie is the other co-owner of the bar. While she’s not around 100% of the time (she’s got a lot of jobs), you’ll usually see her behind the bar at the weekend, or waving a glass of natural wine around talking about carbonic maceration or biodynamics. It’s not all about wine for her though, she’s also got the thrills for the pils.

Behind the bar most days is Leanne, a faithful long-term team Corto member who’s been with us since before opening day. The bar couldn’t run without her. She loves sour beers and stouts, and is responsible for some of the metal on the Corto playlists. A Cicerone in training.

We also have Ellie, a teacher in training who joins us periodically to pour pints, take care of things and share her smile. You might know her from The Grand. Ellie’s dissertation was on LGBT education and inclusion in schools, and we think that is rad.

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We are inclusive. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly and we offer a safe and welcoming space for all. We have a strong No Dickheads policy. It’s our job to keep Corto a chill place to be, so please let us know how we can make your visit even more enjoyable.