How We Sell Stuff

We know you want to try everything, so we’ve got a few different ways for you to make your way through our menu without feeling worse for wear by the end of it.


Some of our beers and ciders come in wine-sized 750ml bottles.

We call these sharers, but tbhwy, sharing isn’t necessary. You can have it all to yourself if you like.

Our sharers are usually pretty special, and come from some of the best producers and brewers around. Expect to see the likes of The Kernel, Little Earth, CantillonTilquin, Mills, Duckchicken, Oliver’s CiderLittle Pomona and Ross On Wye among many, many others!



Tell us what you want and how many glasses you need. We’ll decant if you want us to. Get a sweet shot of the label if that’s what you’re into. Enjoy it!


BTG – By The Glass

We sell a lot of our drinks by the glass. When you see “BTG” on our menus, that’s the giveaway.

We also sell super-special wines, ciders and beers by the glass when we’re really excited about them. Check our specials boards and our Instagram to see what we’re pouring!

We sell beer and cider in pints, 330ml schooners, halves and in 150ml taster glasses. Whichever is most appropriate based on what you want and how thirsty you are.

We sell wine in 250ml, 175ml or 125ml glasses.


We serve beer, cider and wine in flights, if that’s something you’re into.

Three glasses, three different drinks, three new favourites.

We also serve cheese flights. Check our menu board for the daily specials.

Wine Shots

Giving living on the edge a go? 

Our wine shots are 50ml mini-tastes of the wines we sell BTG. We choose, you drink. Then, hopefully, you love!