A Note About Our Beers, Wines and Ciders

We choose our craft beer, natural wine and cider by its deliciousness and its ethical and environmental credentials. We always prefer independent makers.

Our wine and cider is natural. Sometimes you will see the cider being referred to as “real”. This means that there has been no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides used in the production of the grapes, apples, pears or quinces used in making the wine or cider. It also means that the natural yeast from the fruit has been used to ferment it. These drinks have no artificial additives. Sometimes they are unfiltered, which makes them hazy. Sometimes they are chunky. We like them that way.

You might not see some big brands on our menus—this is usually because we don’t sell beer from multinational companies (like AB-Inbev, for example.) We also choose not to sell products made by companies who have unethical practices. We can talk to you more about this when you visit the bar if you like!