2022 — The Year of Corto Collaborations

We’ve had an idea. We’re starting 2022 off as we mean to go on — in a big fireball burst of positivity. Bam!

Corto began in 2019 as a dream and became a reality in the apocalyptic wasteland of 2020. In 2021 Corto finally opened as a bar, and by the Christmas we were glowing!! But it’s been tough. And one of the toughest parts has been all the lonesomeness.

For the past two years we’ve been isolated, disconnected from the rest of the world, from the drinks industry, from the people we care about. Well, in 2022 we’re saying NO MORE OF THIS, THANKS! We’re going to CONNECT.

For the whole of 2022, Corto will be collaborating with a ton of amazing people and businesses to bring you the sort of events and atmosphere you deserve after such a long period of dull, grey survival. This is our year of collaboration, after years of isolation. We’re jazzed about it.

In fact, we’ve already begun to start these neon-coloured positivity waves with the launch of our brand new merch, a collaboration with local artist Sad Gurl Art Club and Everpress. We’re spreading the Glass Half Full Vibes. Take a look: https://everpress.com/corto-half-full

January events at Corto

Our first collaborations are happening really soon, starting with Marley’s pizza who are coming to sling authentic Neapolitan pizza pies on the 21st and 22nd January. Check out the event page for more info.

On January 30th we have local artist Jonny Lindsey opening his Bog Gallery. For the whole of February, his artworks will be gracing our walls, adding surreal humour and a massive splash of colour to what’s widely regarded as the year’s crappest month. Sorry Aquarians.

Upcoming Corto collaborations

Also in February, we’ll be welcoming Marie Mulcahy back to Clitheroe for a Tea and Tarot workshop. More deets on this very soon! In the meantime, consult your oracles.

We’re planning to host an incredible supper club, drinks and food pairing or pop-up kitchen every month of the year, and we’re already super excited about some of the people who are going to be cooking for us in the coming months. It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to use our space to host incredible independent makers, doers and shakers, and we’re thrilled to see so many people keen to join in with the fun.

It’s not just chefs and businesses who can use our space, though. If you’ve always wanted to set up a club and needed the room to do it, get in touch. We’re always up for chatting about using our space for games clubs, meeting rooms and other scenarios in which tables, chairs and drinks might be required.

Mark our words, friends. 2022 is going to be ace. We DEMAND it.

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