A Corto Coldstore Crowdfunder Update

It is coming up to a month since you lovely lot smashed our Crowdfunder target and then some, so we thought it was about time to let you know about the progress we’ve been making and the plans we have for Corto in the coming months. Exciting!

First of all, thanks to your generous pledges, we managed to pay three incredible local artists for commissioned work exclusively for Corto’s Coldstore Crowdfunder.

Molly Bland’s stunning Corto artwork is being printed onto tote bags AS WE VERY SPEAK, Jonny Lindsey’s prints are already with us—if you’d like to pick yours up, you can, but we’re also waiting for some unbendable envelopes to send them with a thank-you note if you’d prefer to get yours in the post. Finally, Lucie Cooke’s gloriously cute and silly stickers are being printed RIGHT THIS SECOND and we’ll be sending them out very soon!

A note on availability: These rewards were exclusive to our Crowdfunder campaign. However, due to print runs being strict on numbers, we may have some spare to sell at their original Crowdfunder reward prices if you missed out. Keep an eye out on our socials.

The Coldstore

Where is it? Huh? Well, let us tell you! The quotes are in and accepted and we’ll be looking at having our lifechanging massive fridge room installed around the back of the bar within the next couple of weeks.

Expect to see many, many photographs of its progress as it happens.

We also have some super exciting news for when the Corto cold store is finally up and running. Ooh, it’s a good’un!

In the meantime, we advise you to make the most of the sign of either Tom or Katie heading into the cupboard under the stairs to retrieve bottles and change kegs. It won’t be happening much longer.

Crowdfunder Events

We have been working on all of our Crowdfunder rewards this week. Apologies for the delay—Katie who normally works on this stuff has had a very big project to finish at her other job.

More information will be sent out after the Early May Bank Holiday.

A Celebration Walk

We decided that our cold store was worth celebrating, so we’re organising a celebratory Pendle walk that starts and ends at Corto!

We’ll be meeting at 10.30am on Saturday 28th May and returning for around 3pm, with a stop at the Swan With Two Necks in Pendleton on the way home. Yes, there’ll be time beforehand to pick up some cans for the journey.

Check out our event page for more info.