A New Website! A Bit Of News! And Some FAQs!

We woke up this morning to a rainbow avalanche of sparkling positivity! Lancs Live wrote a story about Corto and what we’re hoping it can be once we EVENTUALLY manage to get in and start work on it.

It’s super positive and happy, give it a read.

Corto bar in Clitheroe - See you soon!

What we didn’t expect is for loads of people to jump right on board straight away. The positivity and good vibes we’ve received make it a lot easier to carry on working when so much uncertainty is everywhere. Knowing that people are excited for us, and that they want us to do well and succeed… it’s meant a lot. So thank you, you’ve really topped up our positivity tanks!

Not much has changed on the outside but we’ve been doing a lot of admin work in the background, so if it looks like we’re behind schedule… well, we are kinda, but also don’t worry. We’re on top of it. We’ve got this. We’re busy prepping! It’s all good!

One bit of essential maintenance and prep has been to overhaul the website we made. Turns out we made it bad. But it’s alright because we fixed it, and now we’ve got the functionality to maybe, perhaps, possibly sell merch. Merch! We weren’t planning to, but you’ve asked for it, so we’re looking into what we could sell. If you’ve got any preferences, please shout us on Twitter or Instagram.

Quick FAQ

We get quite a few questions through on social media every day, which is ace. We love your enthusiasm. To help answer some of the most common questions, here’s a bit of an FAQ.

When Is Corto Opening?

Our opening date is still a non-specific date in November. We are working really hard to try and get everything ordered and sorted for November because we want to get a jump on Christmas, but also, we just want to be open asap!

Will Corto Do Food?

First and foremost, Corto is a beer, wine and cider bar. However, we are working with some amazing local producers so we can serve tasty snacks too. Things like artisanal breads, cheeses, dips, pickles, the odd pastry or cake… Little bits to keep you going.

Are Corto Hiring?

OMG we would absolutely LOVE to hire people this early on in the game, and eventually we will be hiring team members. Getting applications already has been super flattering. Unfortunately, at the moment we’re not able to take staff on ethically or financially — we need to learn how the bar itself will work and train how to be managers ourselves (and plus, we need to make some money!) before we feel we can bring anyone into the team.

Where Is Corto?

Corto is at 36 King Street, Clitheroe, BB7 2EU. You’ll find it opposite Orchid Bridal and between Raffia and the Peter Buckley Pharmacy — or, if you’re not familiar with Clitheroe, it’s a very short walk from the train station just past Maxwells and The Old Post House on the left. At the moment the premises is empty after recently hosting Raffia’s print gallery pop-up.

Will Corto Be Serving Gin?

Of course we will have a couple of gins on offer, but we will not be a “gin bar” — there are other bars in Clitheroe that simply do it better! We’re going to focus on having a few great choices of gins, rums and whiskies, alongside excellent vermouth, sherry and port bottles.

Do You Make Your Own Beer? Is Corto A Microbrewery?

No, we will not be making beer on-site. The space is just too tiny! However, we will be collaborating with a local brewery to brew a beer to celebrate our opening, so who knows what the future has in store?

Are You From Clitheroe?

We have lived in Clitheroe for about 7 years, but we aren’t OG locals. Tom is from Great Harwood and originally Rishton, and Katie has lived all over the bloody shop but was born in Lancaster and moved to Clitheroe from Stockport via London, Leeds, Hull, Scarborough and Aberdeenshire. This is why you’ll never guess where her accent is from.

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