An Afternoon Spent with Wildflower Brewery

On Sunday 4 July we were honoured to welcome Topher and Chris from Wildflower Brewery for an impromptu casual tasting of their incredible wild fermented beers.

Wildflower Brewery is a brewery, blendery and fermentation project based on Cadigal-Wangal land, Marrickville, Sydney. Using natural yeasts found on local wildflowers, the two brothers-in-law create beers with a true sense of belonging to their locality, and which thrive in the context of the flavours and characteristics lent to them by barrel ageing, additional ingredients and the local barley.

It was an absolute pleasure to have Topher and Chris at Corto to talk about their beers and what makes them so special. Learning about the process of making Wildflower beers, and also about what the beer culture is like back in their respective hometowns of Sydney and Hobart was fascinating. But now we want to visit REAL bad.

We sold out of their bottles super quick on the day, but we've still got some of their totally exquisite table beer in the Big Fridge. 2.7% and full of satisfying, complex flavour from their house yeasts. We love it. Stay tuned for restocks in the coming weeks.

Huge, huge thanks to the Wildflower Brewing & Blending crew for joining us, and for getting in touch with us in the first place. Is there anything better than spending a chilled Sunday afternoon chatting about beer, natural wine, life, the universe and everything with new friends—and then having a bit of a skate in the evening sun?

Blissful. That’s the word.