Corto x Sad Gurl Art x Everpress Teeshirts are BACK

Show 2022 you're STILL not taking any sh*t this year - we're glass half-full folks, and we're staying that way.

Official Corto merch! That means every tee or sweatshirt you buy helps us stay open. It's your way of supporting us from afar, and we love you for it.

These amazing tees and sweatshirts have been designed by local Clitheroe artist Sad Gurl Art and we love ‘em. They sum up exactly what our vibe is all about, and they look dang rad at the same time.

So get your hands on a shirt or a sweater!

**We will not have any stock in the bar to buy**

To get your hands on this re-print of some very special edition Corto merch, head to our Everpress page and pre-order the design in your choice of black or white, fitted or slouchy, tee or sweatshirt.

Sizes range from Small to XXL. Orders being taken until the end of July so be quick!

Why pre-order only?

In short, it saves wastage and enables us to see which sizes and colours are most popular for future merch runs.

Everpress only ever works on a pre-order basis to cut down on the number of items printed and then not sold. The fast fashion industry is a huge contributor to global warming thanks to the amount of water used in the production of natural fabrics, the power used to print and power textile factories, and the pollution that can occur from fabric dyes entering the water table.

Using responsible sources for cotton, ethical factories to manufacture clothing, and attempting to cut down on wastage are just some of the ways Everpress are trying to minimise their impact.