Craig Hawthorne Gallery Launch - The day the Mayor came to Corto

We were absolutely chuffed for Craig Hawthorne, our latest gallery artist, whose opening party on Saturday 3 July was absolutely packed out.

His exhibition, titled Around The World In 24 Days, is a collection of cartoons inspired by celebratory days of the year—however obscure or ridiculous they might be. In fact, the weirder, the better.

This month’s gallery was officially opened by the Mayor of Clitheroe, in a suitably OTT ribbon cutting ceremony overlooked by Craig’s friends, Corto regulars and local art fans.

The pieces range from traditional celebrations such as La Tomatina, to sillier events such as Talk Like A Pirate Day. In each cartoon he captures the essence of the event or celebration and the detail he uses has captivated everyone who’s visited the gallery so far!

Come and visit Craig’s gallery, in situ at Corto throughout July.