Crowdfunder Target Reached!

Reaching our Crowdfunder Target and what that means for Corto.

We need to have a chat about how amazing last week was. You absolutely smashed our Crowdfunder target. We couldn’t be more excited or more grateful!

In the beginning we didn’t know if Crowdfunding was right for us. The fact is, though, that so many of you told us to set one up. It was actually your idea, and it worked! So for starters, you should feel proud of yourselves for convincing us to set up a Crowdfunder in the first place.

Your support and motivation throughout the first year and a half of Corto’s existence has been incredible. We say this all the time, and you must be sick of hearing it by now, but if it wasn’t for our core group of regulars and the friendly faces we see online and in our emails telling us to keep going, we’re not sure where we’d be right now.

The truth is, it’s been hard. We’re looking forwards into 2022 with positivity now, and a full Crowdfunder piggy bank, and we’re ready to get cracking on our next project — the Corto coldstore!

What’s a Coldstore?

A coldstore, for the purposes we’ll be using it for, is a refrigerated room. Unlike the cellar we currently have, this resource will be easily accessible to everyone on the ground floor, and will be kept at a consistently cool temperature — perfect for hoppy beers and fussy wine!

The coldstore will be safe, secure and well-organised, and won’t have issues like flooding to contend with. It will keep our beer, wine, cider and other goodies perfect and happy, and it’ll make our lives a lot more easy.

Since the coldstore will be easily accessible to everyone who works at Corto, we will be able to train every member of the team in cellarmanship — vital bar skills we think everyone should know!

What next?

We keep saying that the coldstore will change our lives. It really will.

By enabling everybody on the team to keep track of stock and change barrels, it means that Tom and Katie can work remotely more often, visiting breweries, wineries and cider makers, running events elsewhere and sharing the love wherever Corto is invited. 

It also means that we’ll be building covered seating outside the back of the bar, adding 10 more spaces to Corto.

We’re excited about what this could mean for the future of our little bar. Come with us on the journey!