Exciting News! We’ve Got The Keys and We’re In

This week has been one of our most exciting yet. We got the keys to 36 King Street, Clitheroe. We’re in!

We’ve spent the past few days taking more measurements and figuring stuff out, but we’re here. Let’s hope we can get the work done quickly and get open soon!

We’ve got the location we wanted. We’re starting to build the bar of our dreams. 2020 might have been absolutely awful but this is one positive thing we want to share with everyone. Join us in our joy for a bit!

So for now, we’re working on the building of Corto. We’re not sure when we’ll be open for real — it doesn’t just count on us, it matters how quickly the virus goes away and how soon restrictions change. But what we’re trying our best to do is get our take-away selection up and running as soon as we can, so we can at least open the door even just a crack and welcome you in for take-out drinks, say hello and spread some MUCH needed Christmas cheer.

As you might see when you next pass 36 King Street, Clitheroe, we’re putting our Christmas decorations up first. We’ve got our priorities right. Please feel free to knock on the door if the lights are on and come and say hello. No big building work has started yet so there’s no chance you’ll get plaster and paint on your winter coats.

What are you selling?

We’ve already ordered a mountain of ciders and beers, we just couldn’t help ourselves. Keep a look-out on our Instagram, Twitter and on this site for updates on our upcoming lists and prices. We can’t wait to share them with you all, we’ve got some absolute belters coming in!

We’ll also be doing a lot of take-out treats. But we can’t reveal too much yet. You’ll just have to wait and see.

But anyway, that’s enough chatting, we’re off to B&Q. See you soon!

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