Fly In Your Dreams – Pouring at Corto this Sunday 17 October

The brand new beer from Duration Brewing in Norfolk is Fly In Your Dreams, a hedgerow Saison brewed with mugwort and blackberries. It was brewed in collaboration with Dark Times Apothecary, and it’s got a lot of really cool meanings behind the ingredients and the artwork.

We’ll be pouring from one of the only kegs of Fly In Your Dreams in the country this Sunday 17 October, and Dark Times Apothecary will be here to chat about the beer and how it was made all afternoon.

It’s a disarmingly delicious Saison, brewed dry and with a subtle malt character, letting the earthy, herbal tones of mugwort wind through like incense. If you’ve never tried mugwort before, think of woody herbs and a soothing cup of nettle tea.

Fly In Your Dreams – Photo by Dan_Shoots_Beer

The Meaning

Dark Times Apothecary, aka. Dianne Tanner, is a practicing witch, and using her intimate knowledge of herbs and foraging, she led a community foraging group around the ancient grounds of Duration Brewing, searching for local ingredients that soothe and calm.

Duration say:

“Working together with foraged ingredients of mugwort and blackberries to bring to light what we are missing in things that we pass everyday in the countryside. Utilising two ingredients that are in season at the same time and have complimenting flavours Blackberries and Mugwort. “

“Shining a light on women owned businesses as well as adding a modern day ‘witch’ element that involves looking in the natural world around us. This beer ties well into our priory site given its direct historic connection to Henry VIII who abolished the monestaries and disliked hops (unable to tax them) and his signing into law the banning of ‘witchcraft’ which set off witch hunts that would result in two centuries of persecution mostly of women.”

“Witch hunts involved burning or drowning sage oracles for being misunderstood as a threat to authority. Fly In Your Dreams is so named as mugwort works to induce sleep but to also transcend the crippling throws of a patriarchal heritage. We had thought of calling this beer Drown in Your Dreams but the change to Fly means we do not focus on the drama of the act of gender based violence but giving a more open ended look through the lens of time to reclaim the history and carry on the rituals of looking seasonally at nature through foraging. Thus Fly in Your Dreams allows the legacy of our poor drowned witches to rise again and go beyond the confines of a resolutely mortal history!”

The Artwork

The artwork for Fly In Your Dreams, which will be proudly displayed on our blackboard as a keg badge (yay!) will also be used on the Fly In Your Dreams cans.

Dianne Tanner designed the artwork herself, painting it in guache with meaningful messages in every brushstroke. Her art contains multitudes of meanings, and we advise you to get down to Corto early on Sunday 17th October to buy some of her art for yourselves — it won’t stick around for long!

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