Joining A Community

We’re super excited to be opening our bar in Clitheroe. It’s our chosen hometown of 7 years (he’s originally from Great Harwood, I’m originally from… that’d take ages, let’s just say “Lancaster”) and we love it here. We’ve made friends here. We’ve joined the library. We shop at the market. It’s ace.

There’s a lot happening here right now. As town gets used to social distancing in the midst of an admittedly very scary viral pandemic, it’s really nice to see our favourite pubs, cafés and restaurants opening up again and making sure we’re socialising safely. Because ohhhhhh god, we missed socialising. It feels good to be seeing people’s actual faces again.

Katie’s niece looking towards Pendle

It’s also exciting to be opening a business in Clitheroe because right now there are SO MANY cool places opening to join the already excellent high street here. The Artisan Bakery has just opened on Castle Gate (a second bakery for the Artisan folks who set up a successful place in Barlick first), and the Green Theory eco shop is already a firm fave in our house. We’ve got The Beer Shack opening just up/down the road from us on King Street soon, and Sauce Box is set to open on Moor Lane very soon, which sounds like it’s going to be ACE… and then there’s The Kings cocktail and wine bar opening soon which we’ve been intrigued by. What a transformation it’s been going through over the past few months! We can’t wait to visit every single one of these places millions of times.

Iced oatmilk latte from Jungle, bag from Raffia, sunshine from the park

On top of that, we really couldn’t be doing what we’re doing without the positivity we’ve been getting from some of Clitheroe’s toppest folks at The Ale House, Jungle, Raffia, The School Rooms, The New Inn, The Beer Hall at Holmes Mill (Jason in particular, love you mate), Brizola, and many more people from small, local businesses who’ve gotten in touch in person or via Instagram to tell us they’re looking forward to us opening. It really means a lot!

Clitheroe isn’t just a community of businesses though. We love living here because of the town community itself. We hope that once we open we can be a positive and welcoming space for the people of Clitheroe and beyond to enjoy. We want to be somewhere that benefits our town, supporting local independent artists and makers, championing causes we believe in, providing a friendly and accessible meeting place, and becoming a safe space to all. Because Clitheroe is our home, and we want you to feel as welcome here as we do.

Written by Katie

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