Katla Wines – Tasting Event

Bringing Mosel and Rheinhessen to Clitheroe, we’re hosting a Katla wine tasting at Corto on Thursday 26th May, from 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

Katla is a winery unlike any you’ve ever come across. The baby and creation of Jas Swan, a 28 year old winemaker from Germany, each wine is an expression of creativity, purpose and energy — rather than simply the land from which it came.

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Jas’ wines can be frivolously fun or seriously contemplative, depending on her mood and the direction her grapes tell her to move in. Previously based at the legendary Staffelter Hof winery in Mosel, she has recently relocated to Rheinhessen where her forthcoming vintages will all be made.

Each Katla wine is natural and unfined, unfiltered and with very little (if no) sulphur added. The result is bright, surprising wines with freshness, balanced acidity and impressive clarity and poise.

Jas is extremely passionate about the environment, and as well as foraging in her local region for additional ingredients for meals (and occasionally for ciders and other drinks she makes on the side for fun) she advocates for better practices within the wine industry as a whole. This advocacy is intersectional — for Katla wines, there can be no ecologically responsible wine without also producing that same wine ethically from vineyard to glass, industry to drinker. This includes promoting a wine world that’s free of prejudice and welcoming to all.

The Wines

At this tasting, you will taste:

  1. Katla — Kiki

  2. Katla — Queendom

  3. Katla — Cucu

  4. Katla — Sóley

  5. Katla — Helja

As well as tasting these wines, we’ll have notes from Jas and you’ll be able to buy bottles at a special take-out price.

Bring an open mind and prepare to fall in love with German wine that’s got its sights firmly set on a more inclusive future! Don’t miss out, get your tickets now.

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