Making Friends With Local Dairy Sheep (And Their Cheesemakers)

By Katie

This time last week we were wellied up at The Sheep Milk Company’s farm in Chipping, meeting all their friendly ewes.

We thought, if we’re going to learn the life stories of the drinks we’re selling, we should do the same for the snacks we serve too. Plus, we like visiting farms, and we’re nosy. So when we were invited to take a look around a local farm to meet the sheep who make the milk that makes the cheese we want to serve, we jumped at the chance.

At the farm we drank sheeps’ milk (surprisingly creamy and un-goaty!) and tried a range of cheeses, some of which you’ll see on our snack menu when we release it. We especially loved a soft curd cheese that honestly tasted like plain cheesecake. More please.

Later that day we visited The Courtyard Dairy near Settle. Everyone already knows how ace this place is, and it’s won awards and rightfully so, but if you’re not yet acquainted, let us paint you a picture.

In a pretty stone farmyard just off the A56, a cheese utopia exists. Here they collect and select the best cheeses from all over the country — and a lot of them are local — and use their cheesy skills to perfectly store or mature them in house. The result is a cheese shop where everyone really CARES about CHEESE. And that is a cheese shop we want to go to, quite frankly.

There we tasted a ton of delicious varieties, and got excited about the sherries, perries and beers we’d pair with them. Especially exciting was a locally-made creamy, nutty cheese we thought would go cracking with a dry Riesling, and a Scottish blue that honestly reminded us of some of the beautifully creamy blue cheeses with a kick usually found in the north of Spain. Ooh it were good!

Anyway, we can’t wait to show you what we end up bringing to the bar.

Honestly, it was pretty much the best day ever.

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