Our Final Deliveries This Weekend. The End Of A Mini-Era!

Lockdown restrictions are easing next week. You know that already. The pubs are opening, we’ve been counting down the days, and we’re sure you have too!

We never planned to open during the first phase of re-opening for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we don’t have outdoor space that would be enjoyable to sit in — the pavement is too narrow, it would cause too many tuttings and congestions. Secondly, our building work was always planned to continue through this time, and we can’t really expect you to come in and enjoy yourselves while all the powertools in the world rave on in the background.

Better to wait, and open when we’re as near to perf as possible.

Launching Corto Click and Collect, and Re-Launching the Kiosk

While we get ready for opening (not long now! More news coming soon!) we’re re-launching the Corto kiosk.

Pop by every Friday and Saturday from 12pm — 6pm and Sunday from 12pm — 4pm to come in and BUY STUFF IRL!

We’ll be there to help with recommendations, to refill growlers and refillable wine bottles, and just to have a right good catch-up. Come and chat to us. We’ve missed you!

We’ll also be offering click and collect, so come by to pick up your orders during the kiosk opening times and we’ll have them ready for you.

Having Time to do the Things We Love

A big part of why both of us decided to open our own business was to give us the opportunity to pursue things we love in life. Corto is a huge part of our life now, and we’re planning to make sure we give it all of our best energy. That means setting boundaries, and opening at times that work for you and for us too.

This is our way of saying that we’re not opening on Monday because we’ll be at the pub.

Our opening times will be updated on our website, on Google and available on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles. So don’t worry, there should never be a time when you turn up expecting to come in and we’re not there!

Looking forward to seeing you at the shop soon x