Soft, Low and No – Non-Alcoholic Drinks to get Excited About

Not everybody wants to drink alcohol. Not everybody can. Sometimes you just want a delicious beverage without the booze. Nobody should judge!

We’ve put together a list of soft, low alcohol and no alcohol drinks for Corto that quench thirsts and tickle tastebuds so efficiently you’ll never even notice the negligible ABV.

Alcohol-free Beer

You asked for it, we got it for you!

Big Drop are big in the AF world, making delicious, refreshing beers with absolutely no alcohol in them.

The brewery opened in 2016, driven by the desire to keep drinking delicious beer but to still be able to drive home and get up in the morning. They were joined by Johnny Clayton, formerly of Wild Beer Co., to brew some of the tastiest AF pale ales, IPAs, sour beers, stouts and lagers.

They’ve won a ton of global awards for their beer and we’re chuffed to stock them in our fridge. Grab yourself an AF treat!

Low Alcohol

If you’re after something super sessionable, our Big Fridge is the place to go. At the moment we have Newbarns Table Beer at 3% ABV, and we grab table beers from the likes of The Kernel and Queer Brewing all the time.

What’s a table beer?

It’s a light, refreshing beer usually made with bright, citrussy hops and a range of grains to give a satisfying gulp. They’re noticeably lighter than a pale or an IPA, and they’re ideal for a warm afternoon.

Soft Drinks

Our soft drink range is growing!

We serve Square Root sodas — a company we love. They use seasonal fruits and ingredients to make their delicious sodas, and often the fruit they use was saved from a landfill fate. They’re good ‘uns.

We also have their Artemesia tonic, a delicious herbal tonic water made with mugwort and tarragon, which is perfect with a Campari or a gin. Delightful.

We’re also about to take delivery of a range of Mr Fitzpatricks cordials. Served with water or soda (or as a syrupy shot), they’re some of the best alcohol free options around. Plus, they’re localish, and super historic, which is cool!

Our soft, low and no range is available every day we’re open. Pop in and give them a try.

Opening Hours

Thurs: 12—10

Fri: 12—11

Sat: 12—11

Sun: 12—9

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