Support Corto’s Crowdfunder!

We’ve launched a Crowdfunder to raise money for a new coldstore at Corto. You can help us take Corto to the next level!

At the moment, our cellar is great, but it’s far from perfect.

One of our main goals for the whole team was to be able to train everyone in cellarmanship. It’s an absolutely vital skill in any barperson’s pocket in our humble opinions, and it turns good beer into absolutely bang-fantastic beer.

Corto’s cellar is a great space, and was a hugely exciting find when we signed the lease on the building at 36 King Street in late 2020. However, it is older than the building itself, being from the original terraces that stood on King Street around 300 or so years ago, and hasn’t got much in the way of amenities or safety features. It’s also at risk of flooding, something it’s threatened to do several times during the multiple storms of 2022.

While Tom is able and willing to cruise up and down a fixed ladder to tend to his precious barrels and kegs, we can’t ask staff to do the same. And to make Corto’s future plans happen (ooh! Exiting secrets!) we need to expand our team and get on with the vital task of teaching cellarmanship to each and every member.

How you can help

Our Crowdfunder has been set up so that you can donate any amount you wish, whether that’s 10p or £100. It’s your call.

There are also some super rad rewards to choose from, including stickers, art prints and even a limited edition tote bag designed by local artists and made exclusively for the Corto Crowdfunder campaign.

Take a look at our Crowdfunder page to learn more about the project and find out about what a new coldstore will mean to us.

Thanks a lot for your support! It means the world!