We’re shutting down the Corto webshop — and we’d love to tell you why

From the start, Corto was meant to be a place to chill. Somewhere deliciously relaxed and vibey, where we could pour drinks and serve snacks, run tasting events and generally have a great time.

A webshop is none of that.

Webshops done well are great sources of excellent products, run by people who have the time and expertise to upload fresh drops on the daily, keep everyone up-to-date, and maybe even have the warehousing space to buy in large numbers to pass savings on to customers. They almost certainly have the resources to ship their products cross-country (something we never really figured out how to do inexpensively and quickly — sorry Clitheroe post office).

The Corto webshop was a means to an end — a way to keep connected to you while we were ford to close over the third lockdown at Christmas. It was a quickly-built site that did the job well (and we were super proud to have been able to do it all by our clever little selves) but it was never our intention to keep it going. It was a temporary fix, and that word “temporary” is important to us.

It meant that closures and lockdowns wouldn’t last forever. It means that someday, and that day is getting closer, we won’t be a shop at all.

Corto (the Shop) as it currently is

Now that we’ve been able to open our little shopfront for a couple of weeks and been able to talk to you about whether you like using click and collect, we’ve made the decision to close our webshop for good. It turns out you don’t like click and collect. You prefer coming in for a chat. This is great! So do we prefer that!!

Katie especially hated updating the webshop because it reminded her of all the digital marketing jobs she used to do. All that metadata. No thank you.

Owning your own business is a responsibility, but it also means that every now and again you have the absolute authority to not do things you hate.

So GOODBYE, CORTO WEBSHOP! It’s been real. But we’re ready for the next thing now.


Your Reviews

We want to take a sec here to say thank you so much for all your amazing reviews. They were pretty much the only part of the webshop we loved.

We’ve kept them for posterity, they meant that much to us.

If you’d like to keep leaving reviews for us, please remember that there is always Google and Facebook! But also, message us. DM us. We always want to know what you thought of that thing you bought — especially if you loved it.