We’re Still Open! Get the beers (and ciders and wines) in for New Year’s Eve!

So it’s not the NYE we’d hoped for. But one thing’s certain, and it’s a really good thing: 2020 IS ALMOST OVER.

Let’s ring this year out good and proper. Make sure it never comes back again. SEE YOU NEVER, WORST YEAR EVER!

We’re open from 12 – 6 on New Year’s Eve because in Tier 4 we’re an off-license and still classed as an “essential take-away shop” so you can stock up on your Fancy Booze to see in the new year right. We can’t go out, or even open the bar, but we can sit in our front rooms accompanied by the Hootenanny and raise our glasses to a better, happier, brighter year.

So let’s get to it.

Alt. Bubbles

Malibrán Sottoriva Col Fondo

Our favourite fizz this year has to be this one. A naturally-made prosecco from the Veneto region of Italy (so yeah, it can call itself prosecco if it wants) the bubbles are naturally formed by the col fondo method.

This creates a lovely mousse that works perfectly to loosen those delicate lemon peel aromas.

Unfiltered and unfined, this vegan-friendly fizz is slightly cloudy due to the natural lees (yeasts) still present in the bottle. Don’t worry. They just make it tastier.


Roc’ Ambulle Pét Nat

A beautiful deep pink pét-nat, think of this as a perfect alternative to rosé cremant, with its gorgeous flavours of cherries and raspberry sorbet.

It’s apparently a great summertime wine, but we’ve enjoyed it just as much in our jammies in front of Netflix’s “Fireplace For Your Home”.

Zero-added sulphites, natural fermentation, all beaut.

Gospel Green Vintage Brut

A cider that deserves a champagne flute. (But honestly we’d use a white wine glass to get the full aroma.)

Crisp and bright, with a delicate but unmistakeable whole-apple flavour, think high-class prosecco with a touch of calvados.

Made using the champagne method, you’ve even still got a champagne cork to pop as the bells chime 12. Perfect.

Big Beers

Marble Brewery Decadence Ruby Port Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Come on, as if you need a description after reading that H3 title.

Big, beautiful and as warming as a pair of fluffy socks and a hot water bottle, this beer is, in our opinion, the perfect celebratory drink. Sip it after your bubbles and let the glow of 2021 slowly warm your skin.

Marble Brewery Barley Wine 2020

Bye 2020, hello Barley Wine.

Notes of marmalade and rich caramel coat the malty yumminess of this rich, indulgent barley wine. Just the right hit of hops make sure it’s not sickly however, and instead encourages another sip, and another.

Siren Maiden 2019

Siren’s first ever beer, Maiden, has returned every year since with a touch more creativity added into every batch.

The barley wine itself is blended with a percentage of aged barley wine from previous years, in a form of the Solera method — like you’d normally expect in some sherries.

The blended beer is then aged in a mixture of spirit and wine barrels, giving complex flavours and aromas to an already stunning beer.

Whatever you’re drinking and however you’re celebrating this New Year, we hope you have a chilled one. Here’s to an excellent 2021.

Love to you all!

Katie + Tom @ Corto