We’ve got Merch! Hats and T-Shirts! Actual Corto Merch!

You asked for it, so here you are — Corto-branded hats and t-shirts for all.

Designed (if you can call it that) by Katie and screen printed in Glasgow on eco-friendly, ethically made cotton, these are the sort of shirts you can wear about town and people will say: “Hey you! What does that mean?”

And you can say, “It’s the name of this hypothetical bar I like in Clitheroe that’s currently a home delivery service and sort-of positive vibes generation machine!”

And they’ll reply, “What?”

And you’ll try to yell your answer again from a safe distance but they’ll get bored and walk off with their dog. But you’ll be happy because you’ve got a great new shirt.

Buy merch! Please!

We did a limited run of these, so if you want to grab them before we move to pre-orders, be quick

Once they sell out, we’ll be running pre-orders, so all will not be lost, but you may have to wait a little bit longer to get your hands on CLITHEROE’S HOTTEST FASHION ITEM.

BTW – our hats are made from 100% softfeel acrylic, and we chose them because they fit really well on your head. A modest aim, but an important one, we felt.

The logo is stitched on too, so it’s gonna be there forever. Proper stuff, that.