Wine List Tasting with Tom and Matt at Whalley Wine Shop

On Wednesday 2nd September (oh my god how is it already SEPTEMBER) we spent an awesome evening in the socially-distanced company of Tom and Matt, part of the Whalley Wine Shop dream team, tasting wines from an importer of cool, groovy, unusual wines.

We’re still working on our full wine list with Tom, but let us tell you now: it’s going to be so good. Your patience will pay off.

Whalley Wine Shop – currently only doing retail during Covid-restriction-times

What we can say at the moment is that from the ace lineup provided on Wednesday, and from a few other bottles excitedly pulled off the shelves, we picked at least three wines we adored enough to want to pour at our place, and one’s ORANGE. As well as being totally delicious, the wines we tried also have great stories to tell about their unusual grape varieties and the people who make them. Which is always such a bonus. We love learning about the care, attention and nerdery put into the drinks we’re drinking.

A bit more about that orange wine, then. Laranxa is it’s name, and skin-contact maceration is its fave pastime. An Albariño with edge, we loved it for its delightful spicy, honeyed flavours and a cosy aroma that reminded us of bonfire toffee. Get on that list!

We chose another wine right there and then, but we’re keeping it under our hats for now. It can only really be described as “fancy, funky Black Tower”. Since we’re only just getting to know each other, I may as well point out that this sort of ridiculous thing is exactly my jam.

We live in hope that my photography skills will improve

We also tried Black Chalk’s Classic Cuvee, an English fizz made with the classic Champagne grapes of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meurnier and loved it — as well as Ca’ Da Rajo Lemoss; a Prosecco, but not as you might know it. It’s a tough job, but we are out here doing the hard work for you. You’re welcome.

Ooh, we can’t wait for you to try some of them. See you soon!

— Katie

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